Valentine House Escape 3 Game

Valentine House Escape 3

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It seemed like your friend had no plans of giving up. She didn't contact you for a number of days. And you thought she was just busy. But then you started to see some suspicious posts on her social media accounts. There was like a fad of not so good doings and you were afraid for her. You waited for her to contact you and maybe talk to you about what was troubling her. However, it seemed like the message or call wouldn't come. So you made the first move. You messaged her through an online messaging app. She read your message but she didn't reply. You waited for a few more minutes thinking she was just busy. But more than 20 minutes passed already and she still didn't reply. Then you decided it was time for a call. All you could hear was the ring without any other response.

You began to be more and more anxious. You couldn't bear just sitting down and waiting for her to contact you. The last thing you could do was go to her house. Upon arriving there, you kept on calling for her. However, no one was answering you. So you just entered her house and found yourself in her trap once more. Play Valentine House Escape 3 room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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