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Journey Escape 8

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The window in your room was always open at night. You didn't like having to turn on the air conditioner as it would cost you a lot. For so many nights, you were able to sleep soundly. You never worried about some burglar or bat entering your room. But there was one night when you were awake until the midnight. You should be tired and sleeping soundly after a few minutes of hitting the bed. But instead, you were just tossing and turning. Your eyes always fell on the window. It seemed like you were unconsciously waiting for something to enter. The thought sent shivers to your spine. Then a spotlight passed by your window. You got up from your bed to search for its source. But as your face went out the window, the bright light shined directly at your eyes. And you were transported somewhere else.

When you opened your eyes, you were not in your room anymore. You were somewhere very unfamiliar. You tried to think hard about where you could be. But you just couldn't think of any. So you started to walk around the area hoping to find an exit. However, it would take more than just exploration to leave this place. Play Journey Escape 8 outdoor escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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