Gold Treasure Escape From Forest Game

Gold Treasure Escape From Forest

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The treasure of the kingdom was stolen years ago and not even the prince who was tasked to find it have not been successful, even still the prince doesn't give-up for he needs to elevate himself for the people because he is the crowned prince. At the moment, the prince is not actively finding it but he will soon so if this is not solved. He had asked some of his men to find it in different parts of the country and right-now they were ordered not to engage the thief but only find. Well that night however, Kael moved to this settlement deep in the wilderness which he had been watching for days now, and because they haven't returned for quite a while, he will be moving to check the place.

Kael somehow has a huge hunch that the stolen treasure is here for in their conversations, he heard of such but he might be wrong, still he needs to take that and try for he might miss his chance here. Escape players, Kael is going to enter the area and take a look around, he needs to be quick on this and careful so that he won't leave signs that he was there, a chance of them coming back too is highly possible that's why he needs to pick the pace up as well. Escape players, want to help Kael here in possibly finding that stolen treasure there?

Gold Treasure Escape From Forest is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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