Ingenuous Wolf Escape

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There is a small settlement in the wilderness and it seems abandoned for there are no people there. Well that’s because it is being protected by a lone wolf with a consciousness of a human! Nobody knows where that wolf came from or why it is smart, but people who knows it know to stay away from it for it doesn’t really like humans, it is joyful on its own and really people shouldn’t bother with it if they know what’s good for them.

Even so, it still has at least one human friend and that is Edmond and once when he first met the creature, he was scared but he still thought of how different the animal was, eventually they became friends. One day, Edmond went to visit him for he was on his way somewhere and he needs to pass-by the wolf’s place, but he came across a problem and it’s not him though, but his friend! Escape players, the wolf just got trapped in his own house and for Edmond it was weird, for one because it’s his place and two, the wolf is so smart that something like this is easily solved by it, but it still happened and now help is needed. Will you be able to help so that the wolf can be safe again? Play as Edmond here and solve whatever problem is holding his friend the wolf.

Ingenuous Wolf Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.