Glen Forest House Escape Game

Glen Forest House Escape
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The nearest glen is a great place to live in and Edwin really took it into heart, that's why he constructed his luxurious house there and nowadays he lives in the place with his family. He never regretted in living such an area, for the air there is cleaner and the area is green, but at night it's a bit creepy for the entire premises is surrounded by thick forests and one direction can even be for miles with no civilization. One day, Edwin was alone at home for he his family had some stuff to take-care of, he was just relaxing for he finally has some peace and quiet from his kids, but the house has something different for him however, and Edwin needs to answer to that.

Edwin could not get himself out of the house for the doors are now locked! It was weird why and it was even so when he tried the other doors and he discovered those too were locked! What in the world is going-on? Edwin pondered to himself. His family might be pulling a prank on him again, but there were no signs that they might have done it, that's why Edwin still has at the back of his mind that this could be something serious as well. Escape players, Edwin wanted to escape from his house so he'll know what really happened, come and join in as well and see if you can help Edwin out.

Glen Forest House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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