Giant Wild Boar Escape

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Newton was very careful when he approached the old house again in the wilderness, for he knows that there is a giant boar living there named Mojo and he absolutely knows how dangerous those creatures are. Mojo was kind of like the guard dog of the place for it would chase people who passes by and as always that gets Newton irritated. But he needs to pass by the old guy’s house though who was the owner of the boar for there is no other path there which can bring him home. As he passed however, he realized that the owner of the house wasn’t there and Mojo was ravaging inside that old stone tower beside the old house.

Newton saw the situation and as he saw the tower, he remembered that it could not be opened as told by some people to him before, but why was the boar inside it? Newton is about to do the dumbest thing in his life, and that is to free the boar! Guess his compassion to animals got the best of him now, but he thought once he frees mojo however, he’ll just run like hell as always. Escape players, Newton could be in a trance from his own emotions here and he could not be stopped now. Okay then, will you just help him free the wild boar Mojo from being trapped there?

Giant Wild Boar Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Giant Wild Boar Escape

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