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Gazelle Escape

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The small village in the wilderness has a technique in catching game and that is by using one of their houses and placing bait inside it, due to it a catch will likely happen. Animals tend to enter houses there in the village and so instead of fixing the almost impossible situation, they made another way out of it and that is by turning a house into a trap, it's very effective through the months they have been using such a technique. That day however, they caught something which they weren't suppose to and it's a first.

One of the villagers was Lu and he is in-charge of checking the traps daily, as he checked one he found there was a gazelle inside it! They expected to capture a boar but nope, they were given a gazelle. Because the gazelle was not on their normal catch and the creature is being preyed-upon by big cats in the area, Lu must set the animal free for he knows if he so much as disrupt the ecosystem by offering the gazelle to his fellow villagers, the big cats might have less to eat now and they will compensate by attacking them for meat! Lu needs to open the door of the house trap then and slowly for those things can bolt and he might get hit by the escaping gazelle, escape players will you be able to help Lu on this?

Gazelle Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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