Opulence Room Escape Game

Opulence Room Escape

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From once an empty room your luxurious house was, you gradually added furniture and decorations in the place in just a span of a few months, everything was now better than as it was, maybe a few plants too and all will be good then. One day, you had nothing to do and you just sat in your living-room thinking what more you can add to your place, maybe the outdoor area needs something? And so you went-out to check what needs to be added there but you found-out that there was a problem though and it's really stopping you from going out!

You could no longer open the doors and it's mysterious for you saw no reason why it would do that except, the door was busted and or, somebody actually locked you in? Whatever the reason is, this is your new home and you must answer to whatever the problem is so this won't get worst and you can finally leave as well. Escape players, imagine yourself in the situation here escaping from your new luxurious house without really damaging anything. Will you be able to do so using your skills and logic?

Opulence Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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