Garage Mechanical Room Escape Game

Garage Mechanical Room Escape

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Hilton's garage is quite the wide and high-tech place, he is a mechanic and an inventor so it is only good that he has such, his place is also the result of his years of hard work so everything he had accomplished before is really worth it. Hilton decided maybe he'll do something that day, or fix the other things he haven't really finished there like some of those random inventions of his, but as he decided to do that he noticed almost immediately that there was a problem with his door system here, so he decided to tinker on that.

Hilton could not get out of his garage and because he is the only in the house at the moment, he can't get help from anybody. Hilton needs to fix this on his own then but it may be impossible for he needed help here. Escape players, there are a lot of items in the garage and each one can potentially be used in the escape here, will you be able to escape if you are faced with this kind of puzzling situation even though as an expert as Hilton is, he is still having a hard time? Come and give this challenge a go then, test your skills and logic for this escape.

Garage Mechanical Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by WoW Escape.

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