Patient House Escape

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Lindon works as an on-call doctor and mostly throughout the week he is out doing his job visiting patients around the town. So far it is a routine week and just as usual Lindon visits his patients to check up on them and some were even his new patients. But there was this one he was familiar with for he had been visiting their house a few times months ago. He arrived at the place and entered the house, but something doesn’t seem to be right there, and unfortunately his hunches were right!

Lindon enters the home and when he called for anyone for he just found the door open, nobody responded. He told himself then okay, maybe he’ll check on them outside for maybe they are at the backyard, but then when he tried the door however he realized he couldn’t open it no matter how he tried! Okay, this seems different, he tried to really turn the knob but the thing would not budge at all, something is definitely up here and Lindon is starting to fear for his life. Escape players, Lindon needs to escape out of his patient’s house for he is not comfortable with this no more. Will you help him by finding other ways through the rooms just to get out of there?

Patient House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.