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Fun Escape 003

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It is the weekend again and it is time for another trip to the zoo. You are an animal lover and you always look forward to this weekly trip. You are especially excited for this week's trip because there is a special exhibit of your favorite animal: the giant panda.

Its charms are incredibly irresistible to you. You cannot help but want to squeeze their chubby cheeks and hug their fluffy body. Not to mention their peculiar color, they are truly a wonder of the animal kingdom. As you were admiring the giant panda exhibit, you come across a couple of panda. They are seemingly in distress. You try to find out the cause and after the process of elimination, you figure out that their child is missing.

Fun Escape 003 is fun and unique point and click escape game from Wow Escape. Feeling sorry for the giant panda couple, you decide to help them out by finding their baby.

This particular zoo that you frequent is special because there are countless puzzles scattered. These puzzles serve as entertainment for visitors and a fun distraction for the animals. To help find the baby panda, you must explore the place for clues and interact with puzzles to solve them by pointing and clicking. Good luck for your search of the baby panda!

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