Fun Escape 020 Game

Fun Escape 020

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You once studied in a monster high school so monsters are nothing new to you. You always saw them transforming and some even became your friends. However, there were those kinds of monsters who only existed to bully others. Your teachers believed you were a very special one. Your monstrosity couldn't be easily detected and even you don't know what kind you are. You tried asking your parents. But instead of giving you a direct answer, they only wanted you to discover things by yourself. For sure they were doing you a great favor. Then again, you wished things to be easier. Looking back, you haven't seen your parents transformed into something else as well. This made you question what you really are. An unnamed letter arrived yesterday asking you to visit monster forest. This may be your chance to finally discover your real identity.

So you immediately jumped at the thought and went immediately to the forest. You didn't see the fine print about it being a fun escape for monsters like you. Your school organized this event where you might meet your friends once more. Along the way, you'll find the fun in this escape. Play Fun Escape 020 outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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