Toon Forest Rescue Game

Toon Forest Rescue
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A new museum just opened in town. As an avid consumer of the painted arts, you make it your duty to pay a visit. Upon your arrival at the museum, you take your time to inspect, study, and admire the finer details of each artwork. You notice that there is a common and recurring theme among all the artwork. All the artwork have a distinct fantasy and cartoon feel. Only one artist has indeed worked on all the paintings. You spot a painting of a lush and vibrant forest that catches your attention and you hear someone calling out. At first, you try to ignore it but your mind just will not let you. The sound is coming from the painting!

Toon Forest Rescue is a unique fantasy point and click escape game created by Genie Fun Games. In this game, you hear a faint sound coming from the painting. You then listen closely and you are now sure it is the sound of a man calling out for help.

At any rate, you have no idea how to help the poor man trapped inside. A few moments later however, you are sucked into the painting. The painting has now trapped you as well. It is now up to you to help yourself and the poor man escape from the world of the painting. You must point and click to interact with the clues scattered around the fantasy and cartoon world of the painting in order to succeed. Good luck!

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