Front Door Open Escape Game

Front Door Open Escape

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Weather is getting colder now and that's why Geo is picking-up the pace heading to the comforts of his home for he had been looking forward sitting in his room keeping himself warm. Well little did he know that his keys are not currently with him and when he approached his door so he can enter, he realized that indeed it wasn't in his pockets anymore and that made him let go a big sigh, for it's when he thought he was going to finally go inside his warm home. Another situation too is that he can't find his spare keys which was hidden near his doors. This couldn't possibly get even worst now, it will if he doesn't solve it soon.

Escape players, come and check-out this challenge here where Geo is trying his best to enter his home for he was missing his keys and even the spare! He might have brought it inside maybe in the previous days and right-now it's in there. Come and help Geo here solve this problem like you're just solving some puzzle. Hurry-up now for Geo is getting uncomfortably colder.

Front Door Open Escape is a brand new point and click house game released by Genie Fun Games.

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