Classic House Fun Escape Game

Classic House Fun Escape

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Damien renovated his grandfather's huge and classical house with an inclusion of modernity and changed the paint mostly in white. It's what he had wished when he gave the house to him, Damien only made his grandfather's wishes a reality. That day, Damien was adding some new furniture into the living-rooms and stowing-away the old ones in the stock room for safe keeping. But as he was fixing things there however, something happened for he could no longer get himself out of the place because the doors seems to be mysteriously locked!

Damien knows there are more doors there so he can get out of the house and get some more furniture which he bought from the truck, but he realized though that it's not just the main-door that's locked, but all of them! Was there somebody pulling something under him here? Who would that be for he doesn't know anybody in the immediate area yet? Maybe this house is haunted! Damien decided to brush those thoughts off for he doesn't want to scare himself and instead he'll just have to solve this problem so he can get out. Escape players, want to help solve the situation here in the huge house which is now owned by Damien?

Classic House Fun Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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