Find The N95 Mask Game

Find The N95 Mask

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Rod's surgical mask is about to be spent so he threw it ahead of time so he can wear his new N95 before he enters the doors of the hospital. His job is to transport medical supplies to the hospital and because they are urgently needed, he needs to pick-up the pace for he'll never know when his package will be very needed. Rod is now at the hospital and is ready to enter, but he noticed that he could no longer find his N95 mask and he had already thrown his old mask! Rod cannot enter the hospital without a mask, so that's why he needs to find his new one or find a replacement or something.

Escape players, Rod needs to find his N95 mask here for he knows it's just somewhere, it's still sterile for it's in a bag and that's a good thing, most likely it got blown by the wind when the van opened. He needs to find that quickly too for he doesn't wanna get apprehended by authorities for not wearing one, so will you help him out? Go ahead then and keep your eyes open for something white, that is a big indicator for if it's already far off into the distance.

Find The N95 Mask is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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