Frog Princess Tiana Escape

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Tiana finally turned human after that journey they made just to turn her back into what she is originally. She really didn’t want to be a small frog for well, she wasn’t one and was only turned into. But as she was free from that curse though, something happened and now once again she needs help!

Tiana was happy she is human again that she went to her room and just made sure to keep her things secure for she wasn’t able to do so back when she was a frog. But then when she was about to get out though, she couldn’t no more for the door was now mysteriously locked! Tiana had no idea what happened, she didn’t even lock the door and now it mysteriously was. There could be another unwanted adventure here, or a problem once again that needs solving. Well she is at ease now though for she has more friends to help her this time, and that includes you escape players! Okay then, the once frog princess Tiana is now trapped in her room, will you be able to get here out and of course safely?

Frog Princess Tiana Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Frog Princess Tiana Escape

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