Princess Frog Escape

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This plain land here is not suppose to be ventured into, but Maurice still went there for he wanted to uncover the said enchanted qualities of the place. He was confused though, for how can these plains surrounded by tall mountains be enchanted? He can actually see the other end of this place at a point even though he is in the other edge of it, where would enchantments hide in this place then? Well little did he know that there are a lot of places there where it can and for the day even, he will get to rescue one of them!

Now the place have never been balanced for a long time, that’s because there was this princess frog which resides there and that creature is currently being enslaved in something. Maurice is heading directly to where this princess was being held here and eventually he will be rescuing it! But not without realizing what this place was really keeping. Escape players, want to see what Maurice here is going to face and help this said creature he was destined to rescue?

Princess Frog Escape is a new wilderness creature rescue escape game developed by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Princess Frog Escape

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