Friends Christmas Party 2023

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Chad’s friends are coming over to his house for their Christmas party there, that means they have to pass through thick snow and the cold weather. Chad just hopes his friends will be okay, for he said to them to postpone this for now and they were the ones who kept pushing. And so Chad waited until he got quite concerned. He is kind of sure now that his friends came across a problem along the way, so he’ll be coming out to get them.

Escape players, Chad is going out to the cold to meet his friends and he hopes he can get them and they didn’t turn back. Would you like to help Chad here then so that he can safely guide his friends and they can have fun and be warm in this season’s celebration?

Friends Christmas Party 2023 is another new point-and-click snowy outdoors rescue escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Friends Christmas Party 2023

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3 months ago

Hlava ani farby šípok neviem kam idú. Ani valec s dvomi kosoštvorcami – hore-dole.

3 months ago
Reply to  Ružena

Cylinder with diamonds is for the rectangles on the screen with the blue presents. once that is done it gives you what you need to open the next door and that’s where the colored arrows are.