Halloween Friends Party 01

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There was going to be a Halloween celebration in a dark location. Why is going to be in the dark? Well that’s because the party is for spooks only, and one of their participants was a skeleton. The skeleton was Moira and she is the remains of once a powerful witch, she is still a witch though but only a skeleton and only have a very minute amount of power left. Moira will be asking his friends to this Halloween party and the first one she will meet was another skeleton but is a man and not a witch.

As Moira arrives in her skeleton friend’s area which was a cemetery, she found him trapped and needs help! Moira asked what happened to him and he said he is trapped and being held by an unknown force. It was then Moira caught a whiff that something was also happening to her other friends whom she will be going with to the party. Something is happening here, if so then she’ll get her skeleton friend here first from the thing that is trapping him. Escape players, join Moira here now for what could become an extensive rescue.

Halloween Friends Party 01 is a brand new point-and-click Halloween rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Friends Party 01

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