Fresno 2023

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Randy took the bus and just rode until wherever it took him, eventually it stopped at Fresno city and it’s still in California, but he have never been there before. As he roamed around the city, he was quite amazed that there was this near his home, but it isn’t too near that he can just walk all the way there. Eventually, Randy had enough and wanted to get home now, but as he checked his pack where all of his money were, it was all missing!

Randy looked hard and did not find anything. He must have dropped it somewhere or whatever. This is a little crazy for Randy because he have never experienced something like this before and it is even in a place he had never been to until now. Randy needs help here escape players so he can get home, will you be able to help him in any way then so he can travel back?

Fresno 2023 is another new point-and-click city escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Fresno 2023

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