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Free 2 Escape 01

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It seems Rey have found what seems to be an ancient graveyard made into the stones, it clearly looks like it had been abandoned before but now rediscovered and cordoned, in other words Rey is entering there illegally! Well he was on an adventure and he accidentally came across it and it's now tickling his curiosity. Rey roamed into the place for a bit and he found twisting tunnels going into the ground and receptacles in rows and columns which looks like where the dead once goes, but any remains seems to be not present there anymore.

Rey keeps moving around checking the place and looking for what more it can show him as well as where it eventually will lead him, well it led him into an unfortunate situation however, for he is now lost in the tunneling place there! There is nobody in the area that can clearly help him, which means he needs to solve this on his own and carefully too for he can still get lost in the place if he makes a mistake. Escape players, will you help Rey here escape before he gets himself into more trouble there?

Free 2 Escape 01 is a brand new point and click ancient place escape game released by 5n Games.

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