Eco Friendly House Escape Game

Eco Friendly House Escape

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Anton has this new house which was quite luxurious and at first he was not used to the rooms in the place for it was very different from his house before. After a week though, Anton is now used to his new place and he is starting to decorate the rooms with furniture uniform to the fixed designs of the house. Anton had no problem with the house for the entire week and everything was even convenient, but there was a problem one day though and it's already quite big! But not too big that it would really cause some definite panic.

Anton could not get himself out of his house for the doors could not be mysteriously opened! It's quite weird and not very typical for the house to just close by itself, but it's happening right-now and Anton has no idea what's going-on. Escape players, Anton needs help here and of course where will he get it but from you! Place yourself on the shoes of Anton here everyone and be ready for the mysterious challenge there in Anton's new place.

Eco Friendly House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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