Fortunate Pirate Escape Game

Fortunate Pirate Escape

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As a pirate who have traveled in different parts of the sea, Edwin have never had such great joy in his life plundering, for they have found some great loot and it will definitely set them for life! Edwin thought about finally settling down for he had lived this long after a lot of close shaves, maybe it's good to play it safe while luck was still his. But before that though, they needed to hide their loot and one could not imagine where they hide such, and that is in the area very near the kingdom!

They also have secret stashes in different islands across the sea, but their great loot however they keep under the noses of the king and his subjects, because that is the last place they'll look now if they are ever caught. Speaking of caught though, that day Edwin's captain entered their secret stash which was near the kingdom and he forgot about the trap they had set for intruders! That led to the captain being trapped and now they have to free him! What a silly thing had just happened, but because most of the men are at the ship, Edwin has no choice but to free their captain alone for he is with him, if something happens to him then they really have no idea what to do then. Escape players, Edwin here is going to free their captain from their own trap after he got accidentally caught in it, will you be able to help in freeing their captain so that they can be on their way again?

Fortunate Pirate Escape is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.


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