Forest Resort Escape Game

Forest Resort Escape

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The highland resort in the forest is a good place for now even though it is not yet finished in being constructed. That day Timothy decided to stay there so he can see how will the place improve when he visits again. Timothy will be doing the resort a favor for he will give his feedback upon his departure. Timothy didn't have any problems throughout the day at first, but little did he know he will experience something when night was slowly approaching.

Timothy got lost in the resort as he roams around there in the late afternoon! He really didn't know exactly why he got lost for he just followed the path as diligently as he can for he was told the place doesn't have any signs yet, but it seems too late now, for he is now lost in the place. The resort isn't bad really, but this situation is somehow slowly giving him the bad side of the place and he doesn't want to think of that, for he really came there to relax. Escape players, Timothy just needs a little bit of help here, will you give him a hand so he can return to the resort's house where he was staying in?

Forest Resort Escape is a brand new point and click outdoors escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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