Flower Shop Escape

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The flower shop is the next place to look for flowers, for that day the gardener who also lives in the town is currently not giving-away for free for his garden is currently entering a competition. And so that day, Nadia went to the shop which was at the town for said purpose and really she is excited for this, for often the flowers that are being sold there are quite beautiful and lush. But as Nadia gets to the place however, something was up and she needed to enter deeper into the shop there!

Nadia found the shop not manned and she entered into it to seek for assistance, that’s when she knew then that the owner was actually now trapped in the room there and they need help! Nadia was hesitating at first, but she can’t just leave somebody who is in-need of help here, she has to help for how hard it can be? She said to herself. Escape players, it isn’t going to be hard if you join in, will you help Nadia here open some doors so she can free the shop-owner there?

Flower Shop Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Escape.