Spirited Lawyer Owl Escape

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The town can rest easy for justice is always served there thanks to this lawyer owl who was really good at his job, that’s why he is given respect by all there despite of him being different in appearance than everyone. But not everyone is happy with what he is doing though, for even though he sends criminals to justice, their compatriots aren’t too happy with him at all.

That day as a townsfolk who is one of who are in-charge of firewood, Kurt just returned from the forest for said job requires him so. It had been a typical day and nothing was new, well that’s when he arrived in an area and he found a cage though. Kurt took a glimpse at it and what he saw inside was the lawyer owl! Kurt was definitely startled when he saw this, but of course he’ll free the owl for he had helped him once when he was acquitted from a crime he was accused of which he didn’t actually commit. But he needs to be delicate here now and surely, for Kurt knows exactly what’s going-on here and no matter what he does, he is already a part of this now. Escape players, Kurt’s only hope here so he won’t get in trouble is to help the owl now even though it is making him very uneasy, will you just help him too for whoever did this will surely get him?

Spirited Lawyer Owl Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.