Magic Escape

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Antonia was very interested of this said witch living in the wilderness for she is said to possess some strange powers and that is really getting her intrigued. In her adventures to search for her however, some heavy rain hit and that’s why she was forced to take shelter in this abandoned house along the way. Well little did she know she entered the place which she had been looking for in this current journey of hers.

Looking at the exterior of the place, it’s ruined and neglected, but when she entered it the atmosphere changed. It was decent there, warm, and habitable! Instantly Antonia knew she found what she had been looking for and this is it, but the door slammed behind her suddenly though and that threw her off big time! Antonia did not want to be trapped anywhere and it had been her trait ever since she was a kid, so the door slamming and locking at the same time was enough for her, and more so that it happened in this unfamiliar place now. Escape players, you are now Antonia here and maybe she had been too much with her approach here, just help her open the door there so she’ll have a way out just in case something bad happens.

Magic Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Xephrys.

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Walkthrough video for Magic Escape

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