Flashy Garden Escape Game

Flashy Garden Escape

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Once the beautiful garden was abandoned due to the war several decades ago, but it was renovated slowly up until in the present time, it got back its former glory and was even more beautiful than ever. But there are rumors circulating that the war left a bit of scar on it even though every trace of the scourge was swept from the place, and that is in the form of ghostly figures of army-men at night. Well those are just rumors and Earl even decided to check the place out still for the purpose of photography and just overall being calm in a serene place. But that was stopped however and it was turned into concern, for he got lost thanks to the twisting and turning in the paths there!

Earl could not find any signs that will point him back to where he is suppose to be, and the path is getting even narrower, this is increasing his concern but his spirit to escape the place however is not yet gone. Escape players, will you help Earl here on this escape from the lush garden and have an adventure too yourself?

Flashy Garden Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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