Lovers Restaurant Escape Game

Lovers Restaurant Escape

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The lovers restaurant is actually a part of a big hotel and the rooms there are as good to stay in as the ambiance of the restaurant. One couple decided to dine in the place and because they came from a different country, they need to get a room too so they can stay and really enjoy their experience in the place. One of the couple who was Orville just went to the restaurant's comfort room and after he comes back to the dining area, he'll fetch his partner so that they can then go on a stroll in the city, but the plan somehow changed for an issue was up and Orville didn't even know where his girl was!

That's actually the problem, for Orville's partner is nowhere to be found and in actuality, there was nobody in the restaurant and in the hotel at all! Orville tried to look for his partner all-over the building, but he can't seem to find her as well as the people which was suppose to be in the place. This is a strange happening indeed, but will Orville be able to fix this so that their little celebration won't be ruined? Escape players, help Orville here and see what you can find-out.

Lovers Restaurant Escape is a brand new point and click building escape game released by Games 4 Escape.

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