Beach Resort Escape (Selfdefiant) Game

Beach Resort Escape (Selfdefiant)

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Kiel had a fun time at the beach but when nighttime came, he needs to rest and resume this vacation tomorrow. Well tomorrow seems to be impatient of the fun he will be experiencing for when he opened his eyes, Kiel found himself laying on the beach while the sun was already up and it was strange, not only that he knew he slept in the resort's house the night prior, but he seems to be in a part of the beach not familiar to him! How did he even get there? One or all of his friends might have pulled a prank on him, but they are nowhere to be found. Typical, maybe when he finds them they will really give him the laugh of their lives. Anyways, Kiel is in some problem here at the moment, will you help him escape players by navigating the beach so he can get back?

Escape players, join Kiel here then as he walks along the sand looking for familiar grounds, this is now considered an escape so present the best of your skills and logic then for this to be successful.

Beach Resort Escape is a brand new point and click beach escape game from Selfdefiant.

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