Find The Magical Sword

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Find The Magical Sword is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Games 2 Rule for more fun adventures with us everyday. Best of luck!

The magical sword is currently well-hidden in the lush forest but nobody wants to dare in venturing into the place because it can really be a bad idea, a lot of people had already journeyed there in the hopes of getting to the weapon, but well the closest one of those adventurers have ever made it was to stare at it and then they were chased away quickly by the spirits of the place. Rey wanted to try his luck there and maybe he can get to the sword no sweat, and so he is off not knowing what he will be encountering there but he knows it can’t be good, he might not be able to easily escape from the place well still, that’s what he calls trying his luck.

Escape players, care to join in the magical sword retrieval here with Rey in a really lush forest and see if you can find the hidden sword while dodging obstacles as well as dangers? Go ahead then, be clever here for this particular wilderness is quite smart. Have fun everyone!