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Find The Magic Book

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Way back in the medieval times, there was this book which was a very powerful one especially when the one who is using it knows how to utilize the information written in such an object. That's because the book is like a treasure trove for different spells and one better bets it that it's real, for the kingdom who owned it became very powerful before and strange things would happen to its enemies whenever they attack or is planning something. Sadly though, the kingdom was unsuspecting of another enemy that attacked them from the rear, that became the fall of the place and that book was said to be the last of what's left there, but it's still missing though until one day, Omar who was an adventurer managed to stumble across a weird place and he thought then this might be the hiding place of that book!

He had really planned to retrieve that thing, and through his extensive research he only gathered info about the object's whereabouts and from there, he cordoned an area on his map of where the book might possibly be. This could be it now for he is seeing old things and what looks like items that are used for magic? Omar needs to be careful though on this search for there might be somebody protecting it and they could be a lot powerful! Come and join in with Omar as well escape players, see if you can also retrieve that peculiar book.

Find The Magic Book is another new point and click item retreival escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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