Find Onyx From Rock Game

Find Onyx From Rock

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Leon was absolutely right all along, for he knew that the mine was not the only place to find minerals and precious rocks like onyx, for he found a place which had a lot of it and the supply there even looks more beautiful than the mine's supply! Leon kept it a secret though, for he knows that the people will not regard him for he was ridiculed before of the hidden supply, that's why he decided to not tell anyone and in fact he needs more of the beautifully-looking onyx for something which he is working on.

That day, he was to take some more for he had only retrieved just a few amounts on his first trip, but he thinks he'll have a little bit of problem now, for he had already taken the ones that are easiest to get, the others are within the rock in the site. Escape players, Leon here is going to continue in harvesting some onyx, will you help him out with this? Go ahead then, find clues which can direct you to the hidden onyx patch and try not to make too much noise to avoid people.

Find Onyx From Rock is the newest point and click retrieval escape game from Mirchigames.

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