Rock Guitarist Room Escape

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Somebody is using the studio at the moment, and that was the very famous rockstar here which Erwin always wanted to meet! He is very near him now, but he can’t get to him at the moment and all of this needs to be a secret. No mention of his name shall echo in the place, that’s because this whole recording thing is currently a secret and it will be presented at the right time to the public. Erwin can just look at his idol rocking his tracks inside the booth there for now. But as everything was over though, something seems to have happened when he was about to get out of the room.

The rockstar just got trapped inside the studio for the door seems to be jammed! Erwin realized this quickly and he really got concerned of this, he helped him but it seems that he cannot get it to open as well! People there also helped in freeing him but still it were all in vain. Okay, Erwin is going to use the key to this room which was kept somewhere, looks like that’s the only thing that can solve this problem here. Escape players, want to help Erwin find this key so that the door in this room can be opened freeing this famous person safely?

Rock Guitarist Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Rock Guitarist Room Escape

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