Christmas Winchester House Game

Christmas Winchester House

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The Winchester mansion is a very confusing place and is as big as a castle! It had been under continued construction for years, for the story goes that the Winchester house is some sort of atonement for all of the people who got killed by the Winchester rifle. The house belongs to the inventor of the said rifle and after his passing, his wife continued its construction. Nowadays, the house stands silent and undergoes a few constructions every week, and for the day which was actually Christmas day, Newton decided to visit the place for a holiday fun.

Newton knows how confusing the place was, for the house has strange fixtures like staircases heading to ceilings and doorways that leads to solid walls. The reason for that is to trap the spirits who got killed by the rifle so that they won't haunt the Winchester family. Well that's just a story, but Newton knows that the confusing halls there aren't at all just story, and that day he will definitely get that trouble. Escape players, you all know what happened to Newton there as he visits the place. Will you all help him so he can escape and not get trapped in the place forever?

Christmas Winchester House is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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