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Find My Motorbike

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It seemed like fate wanted you to meet a couple of times. Then stay away from each other forever. You attended your friend's wedding in another city. You love your friend but it was a bit of a hassle for you to dress up and travel for at least two hours to reach the location. But you let it all slide for the happy day. You really enjoy weddings and this one was a bit more special since you were very close to the bride. Although you only had a little knowledge about the guy. Your friend didn't really shared much about him while they were still dating. So you just had to get to know him more as days go by. It was not the ceremony that struck you most. Instead, it was the musician who rode the motorbike. The whole time, your attention was focused on him.

Months passed and you still kept seeing him randomly in places you never expected him to be. You felt such a strong connection that you purchased your own motorbike hoping to bump into him more. You decided to test the strength of your motorbike. Someone else had the same thought and stole your motorbike. Play Find My Motorbike outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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