Geek Apartment Escape Episode 2 Game

Geek Apartment Escape Episode 2

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You somehow know what you'll face in this second geek apartment. Geeks have their own way of doing things and although some people hate them for it, you're one of those who find it cool. Deep inside you want to be something different from the rest of the world. However, as you look deeper in yourself, you realize you're mostly just like everyone else. You're hoping your time to bloom will come soon. For now, you'll just have to bask in the atmosphere of the geeks. This is one of the dares of the cool kids to the ones in the middle of the status quo. You took up the first challenge to save your friend. But they save this one just for you and since you can't find a way out yet, you agree. You're curious about the apartment of the geeks.

Then again, you don't want to explore this place this way. You try your best to keep things as they are even if you're turning over some stuffs. All the time you're inside, all you can think of is being friends with the owners as soon as you find the way out. Play Geek Apartment Escape Episode 2 room escape game by Mouse City.


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