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Escape With Bike

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You couldn't believe you were on a bike inside the forest. For so many years, you were just observing this guy from a distance. He liked adventures as you could see in his social media accounts. He would always feature beautiful scenes and you would daydream of getting there yourself. It would be a challenge for you as you had a full time job. Getting out of it would mean getting closer to being kicked out. And you didn't want that. So you would just plan for trips that was too far to reach. However, while scrolling through his profile, you saw how he was able to get around. He was using his bike. He had complete gears and looked dashing wearing it. You got so inspired to own your bike and gears as well. You could still have your trips even just in the weekends.

It seemed crazy but you were able to join his group. No one knew you there and you made sure to keep your helmet on all the time. He somehow knew you from all the likes you made. So your trip started and you followed their route. But when it came to rough roads, you had a hard time controlling your direction. Then you ended up on a forest. Play Escape With Bike room escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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