Farm Worker Escape Game

Farm Worker Escape

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Dare to try this rescue here in the remote village alone and potentially with no help? Farm Worker Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Avm Games.

The village where Peter lives is so remote that even cars can barely reach the place thanks to the tough terrain in between, the only vehicles that can reach there are farm trucks and tanks. Even then there are people living in the village and for their fresh produce, they rely from the only farm in the place and thankfully each and every year, the land gets bigger thus giving more to the people and their needs. Peter was one of the beneficiaries of the farm and he pays good respect to the farmer there as well as his men and really they became close friends eventually.

One day, Peter went to the farm again to purchase some produce but well instead of finding lined-up vegetables there, he found a farm worker and he was trapped in one of the farm houses there! He was alone and that could explain why no help arrived for him, he was probably fixing-up some produce until he got trapped. Peter is scratching his head though where the farmer could be, but he needs to rescue that worker now as a sign of goodwill and friendship. Escape players, want to join this rescue attempt here and see if you can all get it done safely? Go ahead and try!

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