Famous Forest Park Game

Famous Forest Park

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The once forested area in the city is now slowly getting damaged, that's why the city's officials had no choice but to maintain it slowly and save as much as possible of the place. Eventually, the damage had been great and the only way to somehow save it from the mysterious damage that kept happening is to turn it into a nature forest park. Walkways were installed in the damage areas and plants of every kind were planted there indefinitely. As one of the gardeners there Renaldo was proud for he planted a lot in the place and now it's starting to regain its beauty. But one day however, something happened and Renaldo as weird as it can be, got lost in the place!

Renaldo have no idea what happened, he just went through an area which was understandably he had been to less and got lost there! He is not suppose to get lost for he is a part of the team there and he knows absolutely where to pass. Renaldo tried to navigate but still he was lost, he was also starting to feel pretty silly and indeed it was pretty silly. Escape players, how will you solve such a problem if you are faced with such? Test your skills then by placing yourself on the shoes of Renaldo and be ready.

Famous Forest Park is the newest point and click outdoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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