Rescue The Cute Girl From Desert Game

Rescue The Cute Girl From Desert

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The desert is a very dangerous place and that's why the rescue party is now trying to find the girl who went missing there as quickly as they can, hopefully they'll be able to find her alive for there isn't much time now for she had been gone for quite an amount of time. As a part of the rescue team, Carlton had worked himself out for the girl was actually his niece and he will rescue her as promise to his father who is his brother. He is going to struck luck that day after 2 days on his search, for he'll find something and there is a huge chance that the girl is there.

Carlton found a settlement in the middle of the desert and it was weird for they all thought nothing would grow in such a place, but there was this house and vegetation around it. There is a good chance the girl is there and of course she will be rescued. Escape players, Carlton might have found where his niece is or maybe find a clue or anything that can point to her, if she is there then will your skills be enough for the rescue? Place yourself on Carlton's shoes and do your best.

Rescue The Cute Girl From Desert is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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