Riddle Village Escape Game

Riddle Village Escape

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Tonio always thought of the house in the village where he lives were just houses and he thought of nothing special about it, but as he grew older though he realized that there was something that the place was hiding and somehow those houses can point to whatever it is! Tonio didn't think at all that there was a riddle in the place and now that he notices the minor clues there, he'll try to go where it is directing him. As Tonio does this, he began to think why nobody saw these clues before? Maybe they already have and they kept it a secret? Possible, but now Tonio is heading there to find-out what is it really.

At the moment, Tonio is now on the edge of the village near the forest and somehow there were puzzles there, Tonio is thinking about solving it for he doesn't know what will happen then, escape players want to join in here with Tonio and see what you can uncover? Come then, use your skills and logic for those are absolutely needed to uncover whatever the village is hiding.

Riddle Village Escape is another new point and click escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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