Theme Park Friends Escape

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Joanna and Jenny are in this theme park for their parents brought them there for the day, they were absolutely excited for as kids this is definitely the place for them. At the moment, their parents stayed in this restaurant in the park and they allowed the two to just spend time with the rides there together. Of course Jenny and Joanna agreed to that for they want to go fast and their parents couldn’t really catch-up to them. It’s going to be fun but unfortunately though, the two are going to get into a bit of a problem.

At some point as they went, the two got split from each other and now Jenny could not find Joanna anywhere! Where could she be now? Jenny knows where she was and right-now she is just standing there on a high place looking around hoping that she can spot Joanna. Eventually, Jenny here concluded that she needs help and escape players, would you like to be that help on this problem? If so then help find Joanna here so that the two can be reunited, quickly too or Joanna might get too far.

Theme Park Friends Escape is the newest point-and-click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Theme Park Friends Escape

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