Factory Office Room Escape Game

Factory Office Room Escape

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The factory's engineering department office is like a part of a house or something like a living-room! The engineering team's office had been built that way even though the walls doesn't look finished, for they have the most hectic job in the factory for things breaks-down and those needs to be looked at to by the team every time. That day, the entire team was experiencing a major problem in the facility and all men must come down from the office to help fix it. Still the office needs to be manned so the one that's left there was Milo and because he was a newbie, this is his first task and he needs to be good at it, for one day he will be a part of the fixes when he is experienced enough. Well just when Milo thought he had a pretty easy task there that day just watching the office, he'll get something else coming at him.

Milo realized he is trapped in the office and for him this is definitely not good, for one the team might need his help and he can't get out of the office due to this, or two if that problem gets too serious, he can't get out of the place and escape! Escape players, Milo needs to at least open the doors now just in case something else happens, will you help him out and quickly too?

Factory Office Room Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Ekey Games.

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