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Engineer Rescue (Ekey Games)
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Daniel had been working for the engineer as his helper for years and now he is accustomed to him with all of his crazy demands at times, in return he learns a whole lot of new things and also gets a good pay when a big project comes. The engineer was once again called at the luxurious house of one of his clients and he can't say no to him for he can be a very dangerous man. The job was just to make a few changes in the place like adding security cameras and door alarms, it can be done by anybody but because the engineer designed the house, he knows it quite well.

The engineer and Daniel was working on the door-locking systems when at the middle of the operation, something happened and now the engineer seems to be trapped in one of the rooms there! That was definitely a test and it really failed, it's a good thing the owner is not here or he'll definitely be disappointed and none of them doesn't want that. The engineer was already in his 60's and that's why he needs a quick rescue, Daniel of course will do that but can he without damaging anything in the house? Escape players, you are very welcome to try the rescue here for the engineer, place yourself on Daniel's shoes and try your best!

Engineer Rescue is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Ekey Games.

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