Factory Level Escape Game

Factory Level Escape

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Thank you for checking the escape game here everyone, enjoy then! Factory Level Escape is the newest escape game from Games 4 Escape for more fun with us!

The factory level is just one of many levels in the rooms of escape here, the place is huge and every level is built to keep one locked inside and to escape is only through the use of all the items one can find on each level and of course, using both of your skills and logic as well. Harry was in this escape adventure here, for he was given a bet to escape from the place as quickly as he can and win something which of course, he needs.

Harry is now on the first level he needs to get through in-order to reach the last level which was suppose to be in the basement area. On this one, Harry is now on the first level which looked like a small factory of some sort, will he be able to find the way out and win that bet? Escape players, try the levels escape adventure here with Harry and see if you can get yourself out of the first level of the adventure. Good luck then everyone, enjoy!

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  1. Date: July 16, 2019
    Author: b165042407
    Unfortunately, many coders do not have the concept of both about mathematics or multiple solutions to a single problem. [Reply]

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