Royal Apartment Escape Game

Royal Apartment Escape

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Royal Apartment Escape is an awesome point and click escape game from Genie Fun Games for more dose of fun with us escaping from an apartment.

John is now the new guest on this awesome apartment, he just got the place for a decent price and it's such a steal, for the place is quite close to being luxurious! John definitely had some work going to fix the room on the weeks previous, and well as he finished everything, the place was now quite luxurious for his preferences. As he was living peacefully in his place, everyday was okay but one day however something happened which was mysterious and unfortunately, it wasn't good at all.

John was getting ready for work but when he tried the door to leave, he could not open it! It seems that the thing is jammed or something, this is not good for the only exit was his door and the next one was the window, which was straight-down a few stories to the ground. Will John be able to solve the weird problem here and escape the room without severely destroying anything? Good luck then everyone, have fun on the escape with us daily.


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