Running Horse Escape Game

Running Horse Escape

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Running Horse Escape is another point and click escape game released by Avm Games for more dose of fun here and a rescue adventure!

The village had been quiet lately and everything was peaceful, people minding their own business, it's a bit weird for most of the time the people there are always causing trouble, well that cuts Mac's job who was the cowboy of the place and was the first one to respond whenever a problem erupts. Looks like Mac has the time off that day so he decided to just take a doze in his house all day but of course, he ain't letting his guard down one bit. As Mac was resting in his place, his habit of not letting his guard down here became really vital for something happened to his favorite horse!

Mac's horse who he often brings to the village whenever a problem erupts just got trapped in something which was an abandoned house near his place. Mac was really dumbfounded on what had happened for he knows that he kept his horse safely inside his barn, someone might be involved here and he or she could be paying him some revenge or something, Mac isn't a stranger on that fact for he already received a few before but this one seems to be off the roof. Mac needs to rescue his horse here before it gets hurt and that is definitely a no no. Escape players, care to try the animal rescue adventure with Mac and see if you can rescue his horse? Enjoy then and good luck!

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