Escape Plastic Factory Game

Escape Plastic Factory

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Escape Plastic Factory is a brand new point and click factory escape game from Selfdefiant for another dose of fun escape adventure with us. Enjoy!

Regina had a tough one in the office and she just wanted a little-bit of doze, so she did just a few minutes. After 5 maybe 10 minutes of shut-eye in her desk, she woke-up and found herself in a totally different place! Regina was now mystified for she is not in her office but in what looks like a plastic factory and there's nobody around but her! Why would in the world would she be in such a place? It's not like she walked in her sleep and there's no plastic factory anywhere near the office. Something is definitely going-on here for if it's a prank, then she should have awoken as she was being moved.

Regina stood-up and thought to herself that she doesn't want a piece of this, but she already called for anyone and nobody would respond, she is surely alone in this plastic shop, that pushed her decide quickly that she'll find the way out before another mysterious thing occurs. Escape players, the plastic factory is wide and complicated, but would you decide on joining Regina here as you all find the way out of the place? Good luck then everyone, have fun escaping with us through the games.

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